OUR  MISSION AT WORLD OF HOPE CLOTHING RECYCLING  IS TO PROVIDE A CONVENIENT OUTLET FOR THE GATHERING AND RECLAMATION OF USED GARMENTS AND RELATED ITEMS.  This is achieved by placing clothing bins in strategic locations within a community that makes it easy for the public to make donations.  World of  Hope Clothing Recycling L.L.C. has partnered with National charities such as Ronald McDonald House to create a dynamic team to help both the community and the needy. The "for profit" operation fulfills the needs of the community while supporting charities.

Recycling benefits everyone!   Only about 15% of all clothing, shoes, handbags, coats etc. are currently recycled.  This leaves an astonishing volume of these items reaching our landfills and not people in need.  Billions of useable items are being dumped creating an environmental disgrace.  People want to recycle.  The facilitation of this recycling is not easy.  Collection must be convenient for the community and accesible for those collecting it.  Recycling bins create this oppurtunity.  Placing them in churches, supermarkets, and local stores makes the process easy for all.